How to Commission

What is the commissioning process?

Get in touch!

Send me an email and let’s get the ball rolling.

I’d rather talk commissions through voice to voice or face to face if possible, so the first mission is to organise a good time to collide.

Your more than welcome to come visit my studio in South East London so you can get an idea of my work in person, if this is not possible I’m happy to come find you.

What do I need from you?


– not just where you live but also where the sculpture is intended to go. This informs the design, if it’s to be  hung on the wall or a chandelier there’s a bit of engineering that has to come first before I can get to the fun creative stuff!

Also, for me, what helps is to see what’s surrounding the location of the piece, the furniture, colours, where light comes in, and what other materials are in the space.

This gives me an idea of your taste and can also help my imagination pull in other influences.



– when do you want your piece ready? if you are asking for a similar piece to one I’ve made before I can give you a definite timeline of how long a piece takes, if it’s a piece that unchartered territory I try to add some realistic buffer time.



– even though I work alone in my studio, over the years I have gathered some talented colleagues I can ask for guidance and support so scale is no problem.



– I can work to any budget and will be very transparent as to what’s possible within your budget.

Once I have been given the green light to make I ask for 50% of the budget upfront. 40% when you have seen the finished piece and are happy to sign off (preferably in person, if this is not possible photos and videos will be sent) and then the final 10% when it has been delivered safe and sound.



– if you can give me a few walls to bounce off this really helps my creativity. Your own personnel mood board, some images or themes to help me feel my way through your mind.



All of the above mostly applies! plus these additions….. 

I realise there is another layer to your process that involves

client – interior designer – maker.

My process involves

–           30% of the whole budget as an upfront design fee.

–           Three proposals and one re-design is included in this design fee.

–           When you approve the design and the green light is lit a further 30%.

–           When making the piece there will be regular updates on progress.

–           Once the piece is finished, a studio visit to see the finished article and your stamp of approval via email,  I then request another 30%.

–           The final 10% is issued once the piece has arrived on location and installed.

My prices do not include packaging, postage and installation.

London, 2024


The Victoria & Albert Museum, London:‘Opera: Passion, Power and Politics’

Sculpture in metal of headpieces and hats by Yasemen Hussein at the Museum of London

“Yasemen’s work never fails to be the conversation point in an interior.”

Charlotte Bowater, Art Consultant


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